Find Your Flex offers a creative yet realistic approach to living a plant-based lifestyle. If we’re being honest with ourselves, eating vegetarian or vegan all the time sounds like zero fun, and when you consider your busy lifestyle and hopes to enjoy yourself in your free time, it doesn’t sound realistic either.  Maybe you’re even someone who’s given it a try, but when you go out to eat with friends, the inevitable conversation happens. . . “so, what DO you eat?.” Unless you’re doing it for moral and ethical reasons (complete respect if so), who actually wants to skip out on those loaded potato skins anyway?

So, have you ever considered being flexitarian? It’s considered to be a semi-vegetarian diet where you occasionally eat fish, meat, or dairy. After researching, it makes a ton of sense, because you don’t have to be plant-based all the time to receive the benefits. The lifestyle promotes weight loss, reduces inflammation as well as sugar cravings, increases energy levels, and lessens your risk of long-term illnesses.

That’s just to name a few. As I was searching through material on flexitarianism, I came to the realization that being flexible in my approach was exactly what I needed for my diet, health, AND fitness goals. Missing a workout or having a cheat meal would feel terrible, but keeping the same routine every day left me unmotivated. Now, I take the 80/20 approach. I’m not perfect all the time, but I see all the positive effects of a plant-based approach. You just have to discover the plant-based routine that works for you.

On Find Your Flex, you’ll have the opportunity to explore new options you’d never considered for your lifestyle by offering content on:

  • Cooking plant-based diet options
  • Diversifying your workout routine
  • Using plant-based beauty products
  • Inspiring you to try something new

I hope you can create your own flexible routine with the information you find here. Every day presents a new set of challenges, and it won’t always go as planned.  If you can find what mixture of these elements works for you, you’re on the way to your health and happiness goals. Let’s find the flex that works for you!

“Life is variable. We stay flexible.”

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