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Mission Statement
Find Your Flex offers a creative yet realistic approach to living a plant-based lifestyle. By offering natural solutions and products, my goal is to educate, connect, and inspire individuals to make healthy, sustainable choices that will ultimately help them meet their health and fitness goals.

Platforms & Engagement

Creator Instagram

Total Posts: 129
Total Likes: 1,679
Total Comments: 63

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Find Your Flex Instagram

Total Posts: 6
Total Likes: 138
Total Comments: 39

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** statistics calculated base on last 12 posts.

Find Your Flex Website

Published Posts: 3
Views: 529
Visitors: 226
New E-mail Subscribers: 16

Viewership Increase

** statistics from the month of March. Viewership increase calculated from February 28, 2018 to March 31, 2018. 

Ways We Can Work Together

Instagram Product or Discount Giveaway
Want to make your current customers happy, reach new people about your product, and build your business's social media following? Let's do a product or discount giveaway together! Take advantage of my diverse following, and let's get creative with this. It can be one of the best ways to expand and diversify your network!  

Product or Discount

free product
discount offering

Sponsored Instagram Post
Would you like me to promote your business, service, or product with a sponsored post on one of my Instagram accounts? I'd love to! Whether that means taking a photo at your establishment, incorporating your products into a recipe post, or whatever else you may envision, let's get creative together and advertise in a way that will be fun and successful.



Business, Product, or Service Review
Are you hoping to get the word out about your business, product, or service? I'm always looking for new solutions that will help people. If you think a review from me aligns with the goals you have for growing your business, I'll write a whole post just for you! As a result, the word will be out on all platforms associated with this website: FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more! **Prices are negotiable depending on the review you're hoping for.   



(+ FREE Instagram, FaceBook,
and Pinterest posts)

Add Your Product to Find Your Flex's Store
Are you looking for a platform to boost your sales and diversify your consumer base? Let me help you! Find Your Flex offers content on plant-based solutions that span multiple topics: healthy eating, recipes, workouts, home, travel, happiness, etc. Adding your products here can help you enter markets you never would have otherwise. *Commission is negotiable based on expected sales, product prices, etc. 



(+ 3 FREE Sponsored
Instagram posts/year)

Recipe Development
Can your product be incorporated into a plant-based, healthy recipe? Would you like me to include your product as an ingredient or even write a recipe for your website? Finding creative options for healthy eating is a group effort, so let's work together and create something that will help us both expand.


Pricing negotiable following
collaboration on your exact
needs and goals for the recipe. 

Website Advertisement
Want me to include a banner, link to your website, or advertise in general? Let's get started! Prices vary based on what you are looking for, but I'm open to any ideas you have. We can discuss the goals for your advertisement, and find the optimal content placement for you!

Variable Pricing

$5 - 50